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For those that attended the Whitegoods Conference in February, this will come as no surprise and to others, it may be a bolt out of the blue but all repairers will get the reason for this and why the WTA is launching a spares marketplace.

The reason is not to compete with spare suppliers at all, and the association has no intention of ever doing so.

What it is intended to do is allow WTA members and, this is open to WTA members only, to buy and sell unwanted parts at knockdown prices.

This enables members to sell parts that they bought and are surplus stock, cancelled orders or jobs that you still have parts kicking about that are unused. We've all been there, and it has infuriated all of us that we have potentially thousands of pounds worth of stock lying about doing nothing but gathering dust.

Worse is that it's a pile of cash you can do nothing to recoup.

We want to change that.

To that end, the WTA is launching a marketplace for members and possibly some select partners that allows you to sell the bits you no longer need.

Sure, you may not get back all the money you paid for them but, getting anything and having the parts used is better than them having been paid for only to gather dust on a shelf.

You can also pick up a bargain that will help our members to maximise profitability on parts as well so, especially for expensive parts, it will be well worth a look and hopefully, we will have news on that in coming months that will allow access to a wealth of parts at knock-down prices.

This is the heads up that the WTA is doing this and is currently carrying out final testing on the system before it's official launch that is set to be announced in the coming weeks.

In due course, we will share the details and keep you all updated on the progress.

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